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My first camera was a gift on my 8th birthday when my parents surprised me and my older brother with a trip to Disneyland. I used an entire roll of film just on the It’s a Small World ride! All the sets featuring children from cultures all over the world blew my mind, and I was equally amazed at the magic that comes from making photographs.

Ever since that first roll of film, I’ve loved capturing real interactions through imagery. I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Leeds School of Business and was later working in Financial Advisory Services when I realized that my passion for photography and working with people could lead to a legitimate career. Now, I’ve been shooting weddings, portraits, and commercial lifestyle work all over the world for over a decade.

I believe that the truest magic happens when a photographer is able to capture authentic moments of emotion and connection between people. I love to try out crazy ideas, be silly, and not worry too much if someone almost falls over or gets splashed by a wave. We all look our best when we’re relaxed and having fun, so my goal is to capture those perfectly imperfect moments that make life so enjoyable!





I was 14 when my mom gifted me her Olympus film camera and I became enchanted with the magic of making images and seeing them develop in the darkroom.

Fast forward to Junior year in college– at 19, I went to study abroad in Paris, France. Camera in hand, I set out to discover everything about that incredible city. By day, I attended courses at the famous Parson’s School of Photography, roamed the Louvre, sketched at the Musee Rodin, stole photos of interesting characters on the metro, and created portraits of friends. Night turned to dawn as I lost track of all time developing my black and white prints in the tiny basement darkroom of my dormitory.

It was then I realized how much I craved a career that made me happy everyday. I began freelancing as a photographer and never looked back.

I love capturing people and the things that make them beautiful and unique. I want to feel who they are and the love between them emanating from my photos. My style is romantic, colorful, and sexy, and I love to draw inspiration from classic fashion photos and to play with light. Let's giggle, have adventures, and make art together!