This Vintage Americana Wedding – Heritage Museum of Orange County is retro, refreshing & incredibly creative! Courtney and James have the coolest style, and their wedding day reflected it 1000%. From Courtney’s tea-length red ruffle wedding dress and bridal party dressed up in American flag sunglasses to a pin up girl serving bottled Coca Cola and their beautiful gazebo ceremony, this wedding truly is an American Dream!

“A 1950s Vintage Americana Wedding at the Heritage Museum of Orange County wasn’t the most conventional choice, which is why it worked so perfectly for us. We wanted a fun celebration that represented both of our distinct personalities and styles. I’m an every day pin up girl with a love of everything retro and vintage-inspired. James served in the Air Force and as ever-the-comedian has taken his love of anything ‘Murica and American Flag laden to the next level. So when it came time to choose a look and feel for the wedding, it made too much sense – I love the 50s, he loves America, done and done!

We wanted to put as much of ourselves into our special day as we could and turned all of the preparations into an opportunity to be creative together. We scoured Pinterest, brainstormed, crafted, and curated all of the details – with the help of many loving and willing friends and family. The first dance was the perfect excuse to finally get James swing dancing, a pastime I’ve enjoyed for years. He wasted no time learning to spin, rock step, and wiggle, which he fully utilized in our swinging first dance. I’ll never forget the feeling of my crinoline skirt twirling all over the dance floor and the big “Holy crap, we’re doing it!” smile on his face as we busted out the moves we’d practice in class and in our living room.

Our vows were another perfect representation of our relationship. I’m an A-type whose first draft of my vows clocked in at 7 minutes. I managed to edit down to a couple meaningful and heartfelt minutes with a few jokes for good measure. His response? “Wow… that was good. Sh*t” He revealed that he actually hadn’t prepared anything but proceeded to speak from the heart. He had me both teary eyed, smiling ear-to-ear, and head-back laughing in the way he always does.

We were so busy in all of the preparation that it didn’t really hit us until we walked into the reception just how many hands went into our special day. Many friends and family members attended flower crafting parties for our centerpieces and bouquets. Bridesmaids made the cake, color coordinated sweets, and adorable lettered bunting banners. My bestie from college used his graphic design skills to expertly replace “Cracker Jacks” with our names. And James and I spent an afternoon painting and constructing a red white and blue fence panel for a photo op spot. Looking around it truly felt like OUR wedding in the most genuine way possible. It was a celebration of our love and all of the love we have around us.”

– The Bride, Courtney.

Ok, I’m just going to admit it – I cried! Tears of joy, obviously. These photos are amazing!!! Really, just more than I could have ever imagined! Looking through them was like getting to relive all the best parts for a few minutes! It really does look like a wedding out of a magazine! I can’t believe we pulled it off! haha Thank you so, SO much for you and your husband’s talent, patience, great attitudes, and for capturing our special day in the most gorgeous way humanly possible! Now that I have the photos I can’t wait to RAVE about you two!
— Courtney & James


Location: Heritage Museum of Orange County

Catering: Rounds Burgers Food Truck and Country Garden Caterers

Beauty: Face It Sugar

Cake: Angie’s Cakes and Bakes

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses: Unique Vintage

Bridesmaid Gifts: Tina’s Caricatures

Dance Studio: The Lindy Loft

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