Condors Nest Ranch Wedding


Featured on EOnline, The Knot and The Daily Mail, actress Vanessa Ray and musician Landon Beard's Condors Nest Ranch Wedding was the ultimate dreamy SoCal celebration. Tacos and teepees and a gorgeous two-piece gown were all playful parts of their very full wedding day... which was so packed that we literally had to pull the bride and groom away from the party to take pictures before sunset! Their intimate wedding was officiated by both of their fathers - what a neat way to officially join families in ceremony!

It was an intimate and relaxed event with an eclectic, boho feel.  Flower Gypsies made flower crowns for all the guests, and the couple started the wedding ceremony with a sing along and provided tambourines and shakers for attendants to make music!  Vanessa surprised Landon with not 1, but 2 fabulous dresses.  Guests lounged on mexican blankets, vintage chairs, and in the teepee as the sun set over the hills.  There were delicious tacos and stuffed tamales for dessert.  In honor of flag day, we shot with a vintage American flag, and to cap off the night, Landon's Band "Harbor Party" played an amazing set for the friends with guest musicians like drummer Craig Pilo from Frankie Vallie's band.

Shane and Jen are spectacular!!  Great people, fun to have around at important times in your life, and always seem to catch the right moment.  Photos where you say “I can’t believe you were there and saw that!”  Amazing use of lighting and wonderful photos.
— Vanessa & Landon


Venue: Condor Nest Ranch

Bridal Gowns: Shareen, Carol Hannah

Flower Crown Station: Flower Gypsies

Wine and sparkling rosé: Glen Lyon & Borjón wineries.

Decorations : teepee, dream catchers, etc DIY!!

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